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Andrew Faram

Andrew Faram is a creative and ambitious photographer with big dreams and a huge imagination. Based in Melbourne, Australia, he has strived to accomplish his goals as music photographer while also building a successful business from his passion. This has not been a walk in the park, overcoming many hurdles and setbacks however persevering through pure ambition to become a more skilled, knowledgeable and multifaceted creator. First finding his passion for the camera at an early age. He continued his interest throughout the years of High School and well into University where he completed a Diploma of Screen and Media as well as a Bachelor of the Arts “Film & Television”. Faram’s interest and enthusiasm for the industry only grew, working on award winning short films, 'Nathan Loves Ricky Martin' and 'Watch Out for Australians', however, despite this turning his attention further towards the art of still image. Immersing himself in a variety of photography jobs, such as; Fashion, Music, Food & Hospitality, Events and Portraits, where he worked with brands such as, Fireball Whiskey, Kaiju Beer, Burncity and more; where he honed his skills while also discovering his true passion for Music and Portrait Photography, which he continues his aspire to create a legacy from!

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