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Lakshane returns with new single 'Risk It All'

Long time collaborator & friend, Melbourne-based, Sri-Lankan born artist, Lakshane, has dropped his latest single 'Risk It All'. The song follows the release of single, Lose Control, which was released earlier this year in February.

(Image by Andrew Faram)

Focusing on the struggles of letting go of past love to explore new intimacy, the new single draws it's attention to an individual whose attention is split between two women, and their state of mind as they navigate trials of morality within a newly forming affair, as they debate their willingness to sever all bonds with their current lover and ultimately 'Risk It All' for potential new love.

Produced by GXNXVS, the track takes a lighter tone to, Lose Control, with the single mixing elements of R&B and Hip-Hop to create an overall more uplifting tune that will be sure to leave listeners swaying their bodes to and making the song the perfect track for late night cruising.

(Click image to link to single)

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