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Bring Me The Horizon, announce release of new single, Strangers

Initially teased in May at the bands Malta Weekender, Bring Me The Horizon, have announced the release of their new single, sTraNgeRs.

The single will be the follow up to the Sheffield rockers single, Die4u, which the band had previously released in September of 2021.

sTraNgeRs, will likely be the second single to feature on the bands highly anticipated next EP, coming off the success of the bands last, Post Human: Survival Horror, which was released in late 2020. Speaking to prestigious Rock publication Kerrang! Frontman Oli Sykes discussed the bands mindset while working on the new material, stating, “It’s not healthy to always be like, ‘We’ve got to raise the bar!’ But at the same time we have to, especially when it feels like there’s more eyes on us than ever. Sometimes we think, ‘Oh, the best thing to do now is to put out a big, stock rock song,’ when all eyes are on you, something digestible that anyone can listen to, but it’s not in our hearts. We want to be progressive; we want to be weird; we don’t want to be a regular band.”

(sTraNgeRs - Cover Art: Click image to link to Kerrang! article)

The single comes ahead of the bands scheduled billing at Reading + Leeds Festival in August. Speaking to NME back in September, Sykes spoke to the publication about headlining the festival, stating, “We’re gonna go hard. We’ll make sure it’s insane. I’ve always said that we’d play it when we’ve earned it, and it’s finally come. We have the songs, we have the bangers, and we might not be a household name but I know that we can put on a show that’s festival-headline quality.”

With the announcement of new tracks on the horizon (pun intended) will fans see the band use the Festival to debut new material? We will have to wait to find out but I'm sure the boys have some surprises up their sleeves. Until then we will all be playing, sTraNgeRs, on repeat when the single drops on July 6th!

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